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I am Mildred Lobo, an art lover: drawing and painting. And I am the creative and executing part behind Creatops.

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Creatops was born in December 2017, as a corner to create art in t-shirts and another clothing and more, applying the knowledge I acquired as a child at home. I was born in a home where my father worked in screen printing and advertising in general. My father always encouraged me and my sisters to help him with his work and learn from him. Although I am a graduate in Accounting in my country Venezuela, I only worked a little time here exercising my career when I arrived in the USA as an immigrant in December 2016. This country opened the doors for me to dedicate myself to this branch of art, I find more satisfaction in the things I currently do. and I love what I do!
From this, Creatops has become a corner of support for many young entrepreneurs who want to create their clothing brand, I support them with their dreams in everything I can and print their clothes. And that is what I want to continue doing, helping young and old to make their dreams come true.
Here I am for you. 

Mildred Lobo


About Mildred Curly Life ®

It is a brand of clothing and much more, for women and girls. This brand was born in June 2020 created by Mildred Lobo CEO of Creatops.

All the designs are unique and exclusive, made with a minimalist trend, full of freshness and most of them also carry positive messages and the main characteristic is that the drawings of girls are with curly hair..

The goal behind this brand is to encourage women to be who they are, to dare to be themselves, and to enjoy life with everything she has.

All the drawings and phrases were made with love and passion by their author.